You've reached my site! I'm assuming you have an idea who I am. Currently, I work as a Systems Analyst at STL in Bloomington IL. My job duties consist of maintaining servers [patching, reboots, maintenance, monitoring], maintaining N-Central, monitoring backups, and assisting service desk with any tickets or calls. I have been working on various IT jobs since 2011 which totals my work experience to 6 years in IT. My passion is for automation and designing solutions. These are vague terms so I'll explain further. 


A key staple in my work experience has been to take a system and find a solution for automating redundant tasks. Examples of this can be examined from the bullets below.

  • Caterpillar/Mazda Database Tracker - Solution designed in Access using SQL, VB, and SAS to pull data from the Caterpillar mainframe into an Access Database instead of Excel sheets. Allowed for quick organization and prevented human error by using redundant system checks nightly.
  • STL (Onboarding N-Central) - Designed AD/GPO/ACL script for onboarding customers with STL. Script uses Powershell to run commands as a domain administrator to configure initial onboarding steps for N-Central.
  • Java application fix to update Non-Chrome Enterprise settings in JSON. Allowed for better resource management.
  • STL (Hicksgas) - Scripted software patch/upgrade. Software vendor for customer refused to design an upgrade application and forced our customer to manually update devices with around 30 steps involving manual data entry/copy/pasting between files for around 100 devices. Scripted 25 of the 30 steps into a VB application and ran the app on each device successfully. Overall project went very smooth with no data entry errors. 
  • STL - Migrated backups to new backup software. Coordinated all settings and standardized data/configurations/and reports.
  • STL - Java / Apache Tomcat - Built interface for Offce365 with Java EE application. Tested email interface and validated that system was working.


I've had a number of opportunities present themselves where I was able to build systems for projects, brainstorm ideas, and consult for companies. 

  • STL - Consulting for Monsanto - Reviewed application and provided technical overview and feasibility for secondary seed companies.
  • STL - Built solution to fix update problems and prevent manual upgrades.
  • STL - Built multiple servers and migrated customers to STL services and Datacenter.
  • Statefarm - Built third party ticketing tool to help work around system bugs with SDM.
  • Caterpillar - Worked with another employee to brainstorm and build database application.


I constantly research new technologies such as Devops, Security, and more. I'm honing my skills in many different areas because I feel that the bigger the picture one understands the greater the solutions you can present. This has helped me expand from traditional roles into more of a utility player being very flexible and knowledgeable. 

Degrees, Certificates, and Acknowledgements

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The list below contains some of my skills and skill-sets.


Automation is something I strive to add wherever possible when redundant tasks exist. Working smarter instead of working harder can deliver more results and can become scale-able. 

Examples of automation tasks:

  • Building out scripts to maintain constant feedback of services to monitoring platform.
  • Connecting SQL to a data charting tool (Brightgauge)
  • Consolidating backups into a single pane of glass
  • Scripting software deployment/upgrade process updating XML config files with a VB.net application.
  • Automating mainframe data pulls into a database instead of a series of worksheets. Database maintenance was automatic and error free.


Coding and scripting has powerful implications when utilized properly. Implementing coding and scripting when existing software solutions fail allows for flexible and dynamic responses to many situations.

Examples of implementations:

  • Scripting in various languages
  • VB.Net, Java, Powershell, SQL, and Python.
  • Databases, webpages, web applications, and standalone applications are some real world scenarios I've completed.


Administration of servers and environments has been my forte for the last two years. I constantly maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot systems. I can manage Linux, Windows, and other OS's. Understanding how these systems function is critical to the administration along with keeping security vulnerabilities at bay. 


Complex is hard for most. Keeping things simple and well formatted helps drive efficiency. I'm known for implementing simple solutions to complex problems.


When it comes to most technologies and situations I can bring a wide array of solutions and results that are realistic and reasonable.

Quantifiable Results

Projects, Incidents, or Requests I can deliver solid results. 

Linux Essentials

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  • Expected exam: 8/20


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  • Expected exam: 8/20


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Expected exam: 9/20

Fortinet - NSE 1

Develop a foundational understanding of network security concepts

Fortinet - NSE 2

Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to sell key Fortinet solutions.

Fortinet - NSE 3

Develop the knowledge and skills to sell Fortinet products.


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